On-Site Support

Process Changes

From planned kit changes adding new hardware to support an existing line, to new equipment added to your facility, we can schedule teams for installation and integration around your production schedule. We understand that customer deliverables must be met while still obtaining the additional process controls required, limiting scrap, throughput, quality issues, and rework. From a single event to install a change, to a staged installation broken into segments over time to reduce disruption, we have the experience to ensure your production schedule sees minimal impact and to ensure the implemented changes meet the requirements they were intended for. From up-from engineering support validating the proposed process, validating hardware compatibility and functionality, off-site pre-assembly of systems, to on-site physical installation, wiring, and debug we can handle the complete system.

Commissioning and Debug

With a wide range of experience on a multitude of systems, we have the expertise to get your line up and running quickly. With our experience working with machine tool builders as well as with Tier 1 suppliers, we can transparently handle the controls integration of equipment on your floor and support the debug through your final runoff at your customers site, or handle the integration work with tooling provided to you from multiple vendors. From inter-processor communications for part tracking and traceability integration, to integrating multiple pieces of equipment into a single line PLC even when sourced from multiple tool builders, we have the expertise to navigate through even the most complex systems and requirements

Touch Ups, Monitoring, and Stand-By Support

With options for Service Technicians or Engineering Support either hourly or based on an extended service contact, we can provide an additional cushion for your in-house maintenance and controls teams when the project load becomes overwhelming. We can offer scheduled projects or emergency support with rates and response times published up-front. From minor touch ups to robot paths, handshaking, or conveyor speeds to support during run at rate or VP build events, our support staff has you covered!