With experienced programmers from multiple backgrounds, we have a diverse set of expertise. From Computer Science, to Industrial Electricians. From Robot Programmers to Mechatronics Students, we pride ourselves on searching out a wide array of creative people who love to solve challenging problems. While we have the experienced staff who can provide the age-old tried and true solutions, we also strive to take a fresh look at every application to search for ways to make improvements. We are aggressively opposed to the prospect of enforcing methods only due to "That's the way we've always done it!" and ensure that at a minimum every application has alternative methods analyzed and the best solution is brought forward. From Object Oriented programming methodology being incorporated into PLC Ladder logic, to the creation of standardized units of code to promote reuse instead of re-inventing the wheel on every new project, we aim to take Industrial Automation Programming to the next level.

Electrical Design

From additions and kit changes to an existing design, to new systems from scratch, we have the tools in-house to put together your solution. We can generate a complete system from a machine layout, sequence of operations and the customer component specifications with everything necessary to build, program, and commission your new system.


We handle traceability systems, either with existing in-house metrics or complete standalone database driven systems with line-side IPC’s. We can integrate barcode scanning and part tracking, Vision inspection systems, transfer system handshaking, interlocks between systems and more. We will integrate both our own equipment as well as tooling from other tool builders in order to give you a single source for complete part traceability. We will design your network infrastructure, establish required handshaking, size processors and power distribution, and more.


Whether you need a single camera Cognex In-Sight Micro or Keyence IV, or a full blown Gig-E system with multiple high resolution cameras, we’ve done it all. We have experience with several different manufacturers and software packages for vision inspection of all kinds. From 18 cameras on a IPD Dalsa Sherlock system, or 8 5mp color cameras on a Cognex VC5 mounted 10ft over an assembly line verifying and archiving finished product, all the way to an IFM Dualis, or a Banner iVu checking a bracket tucked under a conveyor, we have the expertise to not only select the right hardware for the job, but to install and integrate it into either new or existing systems.


Complete overhead frames are common in our systems. Everything from power distribution for a single lockout point, to transair piping. Task Lighting, LED Lighting for vision stations, cable tray, tool balancers, operator fans, large format displays for vision systems and anything else you require can be integrated. Part placement assistance can be accommodated by either individual lasers, overhead projector systems, or laser projection systems.


Raised platforms, floor trenching, or cable walkways can be designed below the line to allow for individual fixture cable management where workflow does not allow overhead drops, as is typical when dealing with large components and manual part transfers.


When it comes to part handling, we have a large library of conveyor systems, rotate systems, turntables, and grippers. From vacuum based lift assists to multi-axis servo systems, we will find a way to get your product from point A->B!